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  • 2017

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    Guilin Biotoo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2017. The core team of the company consists of professionals in fields of biomedicine, electronics, mechanics, software, optics and other. All of they have deep expertise and more than ten years of experience in IVD products development and management. The company takes technology innovation and efficient R&D management as core driver, and is committed to providing reliable IVD products to global users.

  • 2019

      ● Mar.      22 to 24th         The 16th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo, Stand A3-B06, Address: Nanchang                                                                             Greenland International Expo Center.


      ● Oct.      29 to Nov. 1th     The 80th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), Stand 8L01, Address:  Shenzhen Convention and                                                                   Exhibition Center .

      ● Apr.      11 to 14th            The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), Stand H7-T49, Address: National Exhibition and                                                                     Convention Center (Shanghai).

      ● Apr.      23 to 25th            China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair 2018 (CPF 2018),  Stand C41, Address: Guangzhou International                                                                            Sourcing Center.

      ● Mar.      17 to 20th           The 15th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo, Stand N5-B111, Address: Chongqing International                                                             Expo Center.


      ● Sep.      Move into Guilin Qixing District Creative Industry Park.

      ● Apr.      Founded in Guilin, Guagxi, China.




      ● Oct.     Company founding team build up hematology analyzer project.







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